The team

The Posske research group is embedded into the cluster of excellence 'Advanced Imaging of Matter' at the Universität Hamburg. The junior group is supported particularly by Profs. Michael Thorwart and Roland Wiesendanger.

Group leader

Dr. Thore Posske CV

Thore likes physics 'with a twist'. He is particulary interested in topologically robust phenomena in spin chains, anyons, and Majorana fermions with a possible application to quantum computing. He also works on the Kondo effect for topological electronic phases with special focus on the Kondo cloud as well magnetic and superconducting materials at the edge states of topological insulators and hybrid systems consisting of a trivial insulator and a topological insulator.


Alexander Schäffer

Alexander is part of the Next Generation Partnership thematic network on superconductivity, topology, and spin systems and is further working with Profs. Roland Wiesendanger, Jamal Berakdar, and PD Elena Vedmedenko. His topics are light-matter interaction and topological magnetic interactions. Recently, machine learning has been added to his fields of activity.

Graduate students

Jannis Neuhaus-Steinmetz

Jannis is interested in the interplay of magnetism and superconductivity to create topologically nontrivial electronic phases. He is a PhD student in the group of Prof. Roland Wiesendanger and co-supervised by Elena Vedmedenko and Thore. To achieve his goals, he focusses on tight-binding and Monte-Carlo calculations for realistic systems.

Pia Siegl (BSc)

Pia's quest is to understand the emergence of skyrmions. She is interested in spin-manipulation for information storage, GPU computing, and adiabatic quantum theory.

Felix Gerken (BSc)

Felix is passionate about the optical response of topologically nontrivial toplogical phases. He considers a vast range of topological models and wants to find their unique optical signature.

MSc students

Anshuman Tripathi (BSc)

Anshuman wants to study topological effects in antiferromagnetic spin structures. An intriguing question is if some topological considerations from ferromagnetic systems can be carried over directly to the antiferromagnetic case and how stable they are.

BSc students

Aydin Bittner

Aydin is fascinated by machine learning and uses artificial neural networks for determining the phase diagram of topological quantum magnets.

Klara Pfeiffer

Klara is doing her Bachelor thesis in a collaboration with mathematical physicist Christoph Schweigert. She looks at the mathematical structure of anyonic theories and their use towards fundamental problems in calculations with them.

Assistent scientists

Nils Rossen

Currently web and tech admin.

Urv Vyas

Currently web and tech admin.